Dear Friends, my name is Yulia.We live in difficult times. All of Italy is currently under quarantine due to the pandemic. Difficult times not only for this sunny country but also for the rest of the world. After a few weeks of reading the media, as well as being home for me and my friends, with whom I spoke to started having panic attacks, tears and depression. And so I decided to bring my friends together, which live all over the world, through a flash mob. I suggest we use the opportunity of being home to learn new cooking skills. Now we have the time to spoil our loved ones with new dishes, cooked with love and care, to help us get through the virus.The creativity that goes into making the dish, the photo, the recipe and endoldement of your “masterpiece” relax your brain, puts you in a better mood and good thoughts start appearing about the future of our planet. I hope that this project will be able to help my friends and other people escape the stress they are in. Join the project Cooking_in_pandemia #iosonoacasa2020italyiamathome2020(name of country)These hashtags are used currently in Italy. Everyone who wants to support this initiative, send your recipes and photos with the hashtag shown above for Italy. People from any country can participate, change the hashtag appropriately. You can send the recipe (has to be in either one of the languages English, Italian or Russian), a good pic of the dish you have cooked, your name and family name. Join the initiative and make the world a better place. I will be happy if you forward this presentation to your friend. Whatsapp +393482903127.


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